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Individual Adult Therapy

The goal of individual adult counseling is to explore areas in your life that are not going quite right for you.  

If depression, anxiety, anger, lack of self-esteem, loss, grief, or negative thoughts are taking over your day, you should consider seeking therapy. If you are going through a big change, feeling lonely or isolated, or you just want to talk to someone, Maps to Healing is here for you. 

I will help you to “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s circumstances. 

Get in touch at, send us a message through the website, or book online.


Individual Teen Therapy

For adolescents (12 and up)

The goal of therapy for adolescents is to provide them with space to find support during this time of transition, growth, and change. Therapy is to help them process their feelings and move through to a healthier place. Growth and change are needed for development; however, sometimes we need some help along the way. Whether it is uncertainty, anxiety, sadness, friendship difficulties, self-esteem, self-image, bullying and so many more difficulties. 


If you are a parent and wondering if your youth would benefit from psychotherapeutic  support get in touch at, send us a message through the website, or book online.


Family Therapy

The goal of Family Therapy is to help members of the family understand and support each other.


This type of therapy is helpful when families are feeling overwhelmed, sad and angry; when they're unsure how to move forward; or when they feel that they are repeating the same harmful behaviors over and over. Anxiety, depression, bullying, moving, trauma, loss, grief, divorce are other reasons to seek family therapy.

Wondering if family therapy can be beneficial to your family?

Email a question, send a message through the website, or book online. 

Parental support
Teen Therapy
Individual Adult Therapy


Small Business Team Building Workshop

At Maps to Healing we have a passion for working with companies to create a workplace that is a productive, supportive and healthy work environment

We offer small staff settings an opportunity to build your team up through a unique and supportive workshop by providing workplace alignment. We will work with you to put together a tailored workshop to address your specific needs to ensure maximum success,

which will increase productivity, encourage creative and innovative collaboration in a fun and positive team building environment.

Group Mental Health Workshop

Maps to Healing offers organizations and groups a catered workshop to dive deeper into how to successfully manage stress, increase self-esteem and know oneself. Through this workshop participants will learn hands on strategies to better themselves through learning how to cope with life challenges. By participation in this workshop we aim to better support our youth population. 


Do you have specific training needs? 

Reach out to us to create a tailored workshop that fits the necessities of you group/team. We can work directly with your leadership to ensure your teams particular needs are addressed.

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